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Tanya Oliva Destination Wedding Team

Tanya Oliva

Tanya joined the Destination Weddings Accounting Team in Spring 2023. She has previously worked at a Convention Center in El Salvador in six years, and most recently was freelancing on some Marketing and Accounting projects.    At DWT, Tanya ensures our clients receive the benefits of our exclusive offers and complimentary rooms offered by our resort partners, as well as assisting with other responsibilities throughout the organization.    In her free time she loves to read and spend quality time with her family (especially her dog, Lucca). 

Get to know Tanya Oliva

  • Favorite Destination: Antigua Guatemala, especially in Holy Week if you like to see and learn about culture, religion and traditions!
  • Dream Vacation: Italy… I've always wanted to go!!!
  • Favorite Beach Read: Anything by Gabriel Garcia Marquez or Isabel Allende
  • What's in your carry-on bag? My iPad, headphones, a battery charger, treats for Lucca and makeup :D
  • Favorite vacation activity: Visit new places!
  • Favorite beach: El Espino (it´s a beach on the eastern part of El Salvador). It is a long flat plain, an amazing place with a lot of family memories for myself. The best part of every time I go there: Right in the afternoon, we gather with some friends and family at the seashore with music and drinks, just to see the sunset. One of my favorite places ever!
  • Best vacation memory: Panamá, my last road trip with my whole family :D
  • Best tip for being in the sun: For a gorgeous tan: Tanning Lotion and the 8am - 10am sun, after 10am use as much sunscreen as possible. Don´t forget to drink a lot of water and/or coconut water!!!
  • Beer, wine or drink with an umbrella? Beer at the beach and wine at home :)

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