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Kaylee Levario Destination Wedding Team

Kaylee Levario

Kaylee joined the Customer Relations Department in May 2023. She is currently in the process of completing her Bachelors in Business Administration and has previous experience in customer service, sales and marketing. In her free time, Kaylee likes to travel, spend time with family, work out and read.

Get to know Kaylee Levario

  • Dream  Vacation:  Santorini,  Greece
  • Favorite  Beach  Read:  Any  mystery!
  • What's  in  your  carry-on  bag?  Book,  snack,  headphones,  sunglasses,  and  lipgloss
  • Favorite  vacation  activity:  Kayaking  and  swimming
  • Best  tip  for  being  in  the  sun:  Wear  plenty  of  sunscreen  and  stay  hydrated
  • Beer,  wine  or  drink  with  an  umbrella?  Drink  with  an  umbrella!

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