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Karin Slagal Destination Wedding Team

Karin Slagal

Karin Slagal grew up in the Midwest (Indiana) and went to college at Purdue University. She married her high school sweetheart over 40 years ago, and they have 3 grown children who have since had children of their own -- making for 5 grandchildren (with another on the way)!   They have moved 10 times in that time period, living in MA the longest (17 years) but now reside in Virginia.    Karin has been with for over 15 years and enjoys working on the Finance Team, assisting in all areas of the department.

Get to know Karin Slagal

  • Dream Vacation:Crystal  Cruise  to  anywhere  they  go.
  • Favorite Beach Read:Any  Nora  Roberts  book
  • Best vacation memory:Hiking in the Alps with my children
  • Worst vacation memory:Beach rental in Myrtle Beach, NC…it was a pit!
  • Beer, wine or drink with an umbrella? Depends on my mood!

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