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Guide to All Inclusive Wedding Packages

Guide to Choosing an All Inclusive Destination Wedding Package

Research shows that couples who have a destination wedding are generally more satisfied with the experience than those who marry close to home. They feel less stress during the planning process, have fewer regrets about the money spent, and are more likely to enjoy their wedding when the big day arrives. Why is this, exactly? In the majority of cases, these destination wedding couples are opting for a packaged wedding experience, where the costs are all bundled together and the "heavy-lifting" is handled by a specialized wedding planner.

The Top Benefits of All-Inclusive Destination Weddings

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    Cost Savings

    All of the details, from the DJ to your florals, are bundled into one, low price.

  • Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Destination Wedding Package


    When everything is built into one package (including a dedicated planner!), there is simply less stress for wedding couples.

  • Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Destination Wedding Package


    Packages can be customized based on a couple's style, budget, and guest list.

Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Destination Wedding Package Riu Hotels and Resorts

Is an All-Inclusive Wedding Package Right for You?

Every couple has unique needs and wishes when it comes to their wedding day. While all-inclusive packages are growing in popularity, they may not be right for everyone. Before choosing an all-inclusive destination wedding package, take time to think about what's most important to you. Consider your budget, your dream locale, and all the must-haves on your wedding checklist. Ask yourself:

  • What type of setting or region do I want to get married in?
  • How much am I comfortable spending?
  • Which details are most important to me for the big day?

Not all locations around the world offer all-inclusive wedding packages. For example, you will find less all-inclusive resorts in Hawaii, than you will in international destinations like Mexico and the Caribbean. If you are set on a certain destination, be sure to consult with a Destination Wedding Specialist who is knowledgeable in this area, and who can confirm if and which packages are available to you. If you know you want to get married in a certain setting—for example, somewhere warm and tropical—your Specialist can help you find where the most affordable all-inclusive beach wedding packages are.

All-Inclusive Destination Wedding Details

As a couple, you know which details are most important for you to have on your big day. Do you wish to have a certain flower, or live music during the ceremony? It can help to create a checklist of these wishes ahead of time, to share with your Destination Wedding Specialist and Venue Coordinator before choosing the right package for you. Typically, all-inclusive wedding packages will include:

  • The ceremony venue with simple décor
  • Chairs and table linens
  • Floral arrangements including a bouquet and boutonniere
  • Music for the ceremony
  • A champagne or sparkling wine toast
  • Semi-private reception venue, such as a restaurant on the resort grounds
  • Catering and bar service
  • Romantic touches for the wedding couple, such as late check-out, a complimentary room upgrade, couple's massages, or even a candlelit dinner on the beach
  • Complimentary honeymoon stay

With a traditional wedding, all these details would usually constitute separate expenses. But with an all-inclusive destination wedding package, couples can save thousands of dollars (on top of dozens of hours that would otherwise be spent booking these services!) by bundling them into one. And if something on your "must-have" list is not included in the resort's basic wedding package, don't worry - You can work with your Resort Coordinator to add it on. For example, you can upgrade a DJ to a live band, or add extra flair to your wedding décor (tiki torches, anyone?) for an additional cost. Keep in mind that some resorts offer more luxuries and amenities for wedding guests than others, so it's important to read the fine print or speak to the resort's wedding coordinator before booking.

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How to Choose the Right All-Inclusive Wedding Package

Finding the perfect all-inclusive wedding resort is important and exciting, but is not always the easiest choice. There are thousands of options to choose from overseas. Not only this, but each resort offers several different packages that couples can select, depending on their wants and needs. While there are Certified Destination Wedding Specialists who can help narrow your options down, you'll need to do a bit of homework first.

 Follow these steps to guide you in choosing the right all-inclusive wedding resort:

Determine your non-negotiables (including your budget)

Make a list of your wishes and what is absolutely necessary to have on your special day. At the same time, determine your absolute-max budget for the wedding package, and what you'd be most comfortable spending.

Consult an expert to guide you in the right direction

Bring this information to a Destination Wedding Expert who can guide you in choosing the best location and resort for your needs. This specialist will help you uncover which destinations are all-inclusive and within your budget, and what each resort's wedding packages include.

Browse through your options and look at photos

With your Destination Wedding Specialist, you will look through destinations that have all-inclusive wedding resorts, as well as the types of packages and venues you can choose from there. You can also start searching photos online.

Pay a visit to the venue (if you wish)

Some couples will choose to visit the location and venue ahead of time, to ensure it is the perfect place for them to stay "I do" and to iron out the final details before the big day arrives.

Meet with the onsite wedding coordinator

Destination wedding packages typically come with an on-site wedding coordinator to help bring together the details of your big day - the colors, the décor and setup, the guest list, and more. You can choose to be very involved throughout the wedding planning process, or you can leave it to your resort wedding planner to handle it all.

Talk customizations

If you do wish to customize certain details of your wedding, be sure to let your resort coordinator know ahead of time. They will let you know how much in your package is able to be personalized.

Go with your gut!

Ultimately, choosing the right all-inclusive wedding venue and package is all about following your heart. Remember that this is your day and when you see the right destination, and with all the details checking out, you will know that it's the one.

The Final Step: Just Show Up!

Once you choose the venue (and the package that checks all your boxes), it's really smooth-sailing from there. That is one of the biggest advantages of an all-inclusive destination wedding: Your stress can subside once you make these initial decisions. Your Destination Wedding Specialist, and your Wedding Resort Coordinator, will handle all the rest.

Choosing an all-inclusive destination wedding package helps save money, hassle, and time so that you can focus on the important details: such as your wedding dress, your guests, and relaxing with your special-someone before the big day arrives. When working with Destination Wedding Specialists (like us!), not only is all the heavy lifting done for you, you can also ensure you're getting the best price possible—for both you and your guests.

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