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Nisha & Leon’s Destination Wedding in Cancun, Mexico
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Nisha & Leon’s Destination Wedding in Cancun, Mexico

Resort: Beach Palace Cancun
Destination: Cancun, Mexico
Venue: Rooftop Terrace
Specialist: Amarijt Keshav
Number of Guests: 80

The Love Story
Nisha and Leon always had a strong friendship after meeting in college through mutual friends. Due to different religious backgrounds, they agreed to part ways, but years later they reconnected and fell in love. 

The Planning Experience
We can thank their old friend for planting the idea of having a destination wedding in Nisha and Leon's head! Imagining what their wedding could look like on the beach surrounded by all their friends and family, they decided to go for it! Since they had a large guest list, there were several resorts that didn't have the right space for it, except for Beach Palace. They loved how amazing their staff was and the 5-star service they received. 

The Celebration
To showcase both personalities, Nisha and Leon had two weddings - a Hindu and Christian ceremony. For each event, they brought in meaningful objects and decorations to make it extra special.  Since Nisha and Leon were getting married and they are technically one family, they had a Pithi "together," which is usually done separately. They sat next to each other and allowed the ceremony to start, which was completely something new for our Christian side of the family. The funniest part was when they decided to throw Leon into the pool at the end!

The Memories 
Nisha and Leon made the most out of their celebration in paradise by having six events in three days, each memorable in their own special way. To sum up their destination wedding, they describe it as the "best decision ever." 

Advice For Future Couples
Nisha and Leon's advice for couples is to keep folders for all contracts on emails and review them word for word. Have a backup plan discussed prior to your event. Have patience and an open mind, since all conversations will be over the phone and/or email. Most importantly, try to relax! has the best intentions to make your dream wedding a reality.

Other Vendors: 
Photographer: Sarani Photography 

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